SKAAT -TWIN core is one of the most versatile system of core yarn manufacturing, to produce special fabric for different end use. It is a combination of Soft core and Rigid core and both the systems are incorporated in one ring frame. In this system, soft core material and rigid core materials are feeding exactly at the center of the spinning triangle and form the yarn by twisting surface fibers around the core materials. Core materials stretch is controlled independently by individual feeding unit and the resultant yarn can beproduced at different stretch level.

Three different stop motions are available to stop the respective feeding materials if one material breaks orexhausts.

1.Roving stop motion.

2.Soft core material stop motion.

3.Rigid core material stop motion.

4. Rigid core unwinding tension controller.

The Above stop motions are inter connected each other and if one breaks or exhausted, the feeding of other two materials are stopped.