SKAAT slub tester is used to test the slub yarn and multi effect yarn to assess the quality, slub pattern and multi effect pattern of the yarn.

It consists of feeding unit, measuring unit and control unit. In measuring unit, a pair of rubberized roller passes the yarn to the sensing zone which consists of a highly precision laser sensor. Yarn measuring speed can be varied. At the control unit we can obtain the following results.

• Slub Mass
• Slub Length
• Yarn Length (or) Slub intervel
• Slubs / meter
• Slubs C.V%
• Mass diagram and scatter diagram
• 3D Spectrogram
• Sequential mass diagram

                 By using Pendrive, one can produce slub yarn with same parameter as per the result obtained from the Slub Tester by copying and transferring data’s to SKAAT fancy yarn attachments or otherwise data to be transfer to the machines from the tester through wifi network.