The term ‘SLUB’ is described as ‘Thick Place’ in a yarn. In slub yarn, ‘Slubs’ are deliberately created to produce a desired pattern in the yarn. By altering the slub yarn parameters such as slub diameter, slub length and yarn length or slub interval, one can produce more variety of slub yarn with different style.

Long ring frame is nothing but a ring frame having Duoflex drive at ‘OFF end’ (like LR6 series upto 1200 spindles). For Duoflex drive ring frame, ‘DS2L’ model is designed for slub. In this model, middle and back bottom fluted roller of the ring frame must be splitted at the middle to provide seperate drives for both the ends.

Instead of machine drive, Two Servo motors are used to drive the middle and back bottom fluted roller (one at ‘Gear end’ and another at ‘Off end’). Two sets of specially designed Servo drive, Servo motor and a sturdy SKAAT variator gear box are used to drive both ‘Gear end’ and ‘Off end’ of the ring frame independently without slippage. Drive transmission by means of ‘mechanical coupling’ at Gear end and “wheel drive” at off end. Both the servo motors are synchronized to produce uniform quality of slub yarn.

Gear end of the machine is entirely covered by our special panel. All our drive, motor and electrical components are placed inside this panel. Touch industrial computer with 15” wide screen is provided on the panel for easy view and hassle free programming.

DS3L :  This machine is specially designed for very long ring frames with more than 1632 spindles. In this model three servomotors are used to drive the rollers.

DS2L: This machine is designed for long ring frames. i.e. ring frames with 1200 spindles. Two servo motors are used to drive the splitted rollers.

DS2 : this model is designed for medium ring frames, i.e. ring frames with 1008 spindles. Entire frame is driven by a single servo.

Above three models 15’’ industrial touch computer is used to drive the unit.