Negative Slub:
As the slub, the negative slub or reverse slub is obtained with a drafting variation that, in this case, is negative and reduces the yarn thickness.

SKAAT Fancy Yarn Features:
· Fully integrated
· High standard level of performances and productivity;
· Very friendly and an industrial PC with values in mm and percentages;
· Great versatility and flexibility;
· Motors acceleration and deceleration ramps up to 1 m/s, with sinusoidal shapes and individually settable to produce yarn         without weak points;
· Automatic visualization of the graph related to the present slub recipe in order to check the right execution;
· Automatic control of the slubs characteristics with warning in case of not workable parameters;

Composition of negative slub
· Minimum slub length below 20 mm with a multiplier of 1.80;
· Multiplier up to 5 time the normal count;
· Up to 200 slubs per metre;
· Slub formation without changing the front roller speed, for a perfect distribution of the twist on the yarn;
· 1500 lines for 1500 different slubs in a single recipe;
· Automatic generation of the recipes inserting only the minimum and maximum parameters with a reading choice between "random", "cycle" and "Manual" system;
· Up to 10.000 different recipes saved into the machine;
· Connection to the SKAAT COMANDER monitoring system for the construction of the slub recipes by a remote PC;
· With the new system "Draw your slub" you may physically edit the shape of the slub through the panel