Injection slub yarn' is a specialized fancy yarn and it ismade up of two different materials, one for 'Slub Portion'and the other for 'Base Yarn'. Both the material will be dissimilar in nature, colour and character.Basic principle behind the production of injection slub yarn is, Slub Portion will be injected at randomover the continuous running of base yarn.


In this model, two different Rovings are to be used to produce high quality injected yarn at spinning. Creel modification kit and extra bobbin holders will be supplied to accommodate two roving bobbins for each spindle.

Instead of machine drive, one servo motor is used to drive the back bottom fluted roller. Injected portion of roving will be only fed through the back pair of drafting rollers and it is running intermittently by SKAAT servo motor with Variator Gear Box.

'Base Yarn Roving' will be directly fed through the middle roller and it is continuously producing 'base yarn' by the machine drive. One set of additional roving guide will be provided at the back zone to guide the base yarn Roving. Advance Digital encoders helps to monitor the speed of Front roller and Back roller separately and act as 'Slub missing Stop Motion'. Touch industrial computer with 7” wide screen is provided for easy and hassle free programming.


This system is a combination of Spinning and doubling process at Ring Frame. For Base Yarn portion, two cone yarn (single yarn) and For 'Injection portion' a colour roving bobbin to be used.Instead of machine drive, a servo motor is used to drive the 'middle' and 'back' bottom fluted roller through SKAAT Variater gear box.

While running 'base yarn 'portions, these two rollers are remaining stationary condition, and gets intermittent motion only at the time of 'injection'. A special creel is provided to hold two single yarn cones for each spindle and it is passed directly behind the front roller nip through the yarn guide roller (placed over the front top roller).Depending upon the selected slub pattern, base yarn produced by the doubling of two single yarns due to continuous rotation of front roller. At the time of injection, servo motor comes into action and it gives intermittent motion to back and middle roller.

So the roving material is drafted and injected over the surface of the base yarn at the selected interval. From the two models, one can produce variety of injection slub yarns such as Regular, Random, Incremental and manual slub.