was founded in 1999 by Mr.Radhakrishnan. Since then it has become one of the largest privately owned company in fancy segments in India. A net work of subsidiaries and international sales and support around the world guarantees global know how at a local level.

Available solution and tailor made mechanism for individual spinning machine greatly contribute to many spinning mills success. Continual innovations guarantee SKAAT customers the competitive edge. Since the company’s founding, all innovations and investments have concentrated on one core area that is solutions for fancy spinning.

We take various surveys in different occasion about people mentality in dressing sense. We know that more peoples are seeking changes in their fabric design and they prefer some fancy fabrics for their dress code. To fulfill their needs, We have started to manufacture some sophisticated fancy yarn attachments for spinning mills, thus SKAAT is setting a ‘Trend’ in the fancy world. With a well planned farsighted strategy the group has build up an enviable reputation and place of pride globally. The group has its operations in more than 5 countries. Each and every company in the group operates independently. SKAAT always believes in returning wealth to the society as they serve.

Going forward, SKAAT is focusing on new technologies to drive its business in India and internationally.


Producing high quality products competing with European and Japanese standards.

Always delivers with high quality products
Our Sustained patronage with finest service.
Unparalleled Expertise in the entire field.
Unique Guarantee at competitive pricing.

is investing a part of its profits beyond business, for the larger good of society. Planted 10,000 trees across Tamil Nadu and going forward.